Two fillets of the same fish


SALMON FILLET consists from  TOP LOIN CUT as one of the most coveted cuts of salmon, which is the filet mignon of salmon. The salmon top loin is what the Russian Tzars were served during times of great celebration earning it the name ‘tsar cut salmon’.  When only the best is good enough, use this part for skewed fillet mignon like Tzars did or Salmon (Sake) Sashimi; and second part – LOIN CUT, which is one of the central meatier cuts of salmon: uniform in thickness, flavorful, and with a succulent texture.  This part is best for grilling or Salmon (Sake) Nigiri;.

Kg -79 ₾

800-900 gr., 900-1100 gr., 1100-1300 gr., 1300-1500 gr., 1500-1800 gr., 1800-2200 gr.

Chilled or Frozen

Chilled, Frozen


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