Our freshwater raised Silver (Coho) Salmon – Alaskan native, were introduced into Georgia several years ago, with eyed eggs (fertilized salmon roe) imported from British Columbia.

Our salmon are raised in the cold river waters flowing from the snowy Caucasus peaks. Water comes out of the ground at the foot of the mountains just a few hundred yards from our farm, remaining a constant 12.5 degrees Celsius year-round. This pristine underground source of glacial water flows continually and keeps fish healthy and lean. In this pure environment, there is no need to use growth hormones, vaccines, pesticides or antibiotics, nor do we use any. There are perfect conditions for growing naturally healthy fish.

We only use premium feed from a trusted international suppliers. All feed is sustainable and certified GMO free. Farm staff carefully adjusts the feeding regimen depending on environmental conditions. Rich in omega-3 fatty acids, salmon is one of nature’s superfoods. Because our fish have never been in the ocean or in contaminated waters, they are guaranteed to be safe for consumption.

Invariably preferred by chefs, there are several reasons for this positive response to our Salmon. Firstly, it’s a freshwater salmon – which makes it stand apart from others. It’s also the cold, glacial water gliding through our farms that require the fish to be agile and fit as they swim against the continuous current. We also believe it’s partly the environment – the altitude and isolated wilderness of our operations.

Many say the taste of Freshwater Silver Salmon is unlike other salmon. The firm, muscular texture combines with a silky smooth flavor, accompanied by a pleasant cooking aroma.

Of course part of the mystery behind the unique taste is a secret that belongs to Nature…